Wharton Tiers Interview by Rick Rees for The Non-Writer

Wharton Tiers talks about his No Wave days in 1978 NYC, and his recording studio work at Fun City with Sonic Youth, Helmet, and many others including William Shatner.

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Wharton Tiers Ensemble performs Sunday Matinee! Nov. 6, 2022 at Main Drag Music

WTE returns to the stage for a special Sunday Matinee at Main Drag Music, 50 South 1st Street Between Kent Ave and Wythe Ave, Brooklyn. Doors open at 3pm, with a suggested donation of $10. Paint The Sky opens.

WTW at Main Drag Music, November 6, 2022

Wharton Tiers Ensemble Returns September 24 at Easton Out Loud, PA

After an extended involuntary hiatus, WTE returns to the stage Friday, September 24, 8pm, with a loft performance at 207 Church Street, Studio #5a, Easton, Pennsylvania, part of the town’s monthly Easton Out Loud concert series.

Wharton Tiers Ensemble performs Saturday, March 30 with DBUK, Norman Westberg of Swans

DBUK, Norman Westberg of Swans, Wharton Tiers Ensemble Saturday, March 30 El Cortez 17 Ingraham Brooklyn 7pm