About the Ensemble

Wharton Tiers Ensemble at The Knitting Factory, January 31, 2010. Photo by Mark Richards.

Wharton Tiers is the composer and drummer for the Wharton Tiers Ensemble. The ensemble plays instrumental rock and currently features four guitars, bass, drums and saxophone.

The band’s discography provides sample songs to hear and download.

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Ensemble Members

Wharton Tiers – composer and drummer

Fletcher Buckley – Sax
Fletcher is a freelance sax player in the NY session world and a composer in his own right, who has also performed with Talking Heads, Kieran Liscoe, Jules Baptiste Red Decade, Ian North Neo, (Milk and Cookies) Deep Six, Andy G and The Roller Kings (Devil Dogs), and The Glorious Strangers.

Matt Hunter – Bass
Matt, a former member of New Radiant Storm King, recently released his solo debut on Darla Records.

Kevin Kim – Guitar
Kevin previously played with Tone – The Guitar Ensemble, out of Washington, D.C.

Perry Masco – Guitar
Perry, longtime member of the hardcore ensemble I.C.U., now fronts PinkLips.

Ellen Watkins – Guitar
Ellen has played in many bands and guitar ensembles, including Glenn Branca, John Myers’ Blastula, Virgil Moorefield and Phil Kline.

Jim Santo – Guitar
Jim is a founding member of The Sharp Things.

The Wharton Tiers Ensemble live at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn, January 31, 2010. Video, and photo of the Ensemble on this page, by Mark Richards.